Monday, 17 October 2016

Series Review: Hapi Mari

Title: はぴまり~ Happy Marriage~ (Hapi Mari / Happy Marriage?!)
Year of release: 2016 
Number of episodes: 12
Country of origin: Japan

Today's review goes to a Japanese drama called Hapi Mari, which is actually an adaptation from a manga.
The story goes along the line of a woman that has debt due to her father's addiction to gambling. She meets a rich man that asks her in a contract marriage. Is the marriage going to work? will they actually fall in love? And so on.
Though this story is predictable, it still is a nice and fun drama to watch. It isn't as innocent as the high school shoujo type of story, but it's not indecent or anything of the sort... I mean, we are talking about adults in adult world. Still it's very fairytale like.
I don't know how similar it is with the original work, but the acting was all fine, there weren't any camera issues and honestly I didn't realise any major mistake. Everything was well done.
I do recommend this for people who like a romantic story that involves the struggle of the rich man's family with the poor girl who happened to marry him.
That was short but it's all I've got to say, so until next post!
Mata ne

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