Saturday, 30 June 2012

Movie Review

I'm back, yeah!!!! After almost three weeks I appear bringing great news, or maybe this doesn't make a difference to you, who knows... hahahahaha. Anywho, since the day bfore yesterday I have entered my holidays, yeah!!!! I'll finally be able to relax, sleep, and go after all I wanted to watch, etc.
I've already gone after some films, so I am here to share my thoughts on it, woohoo!!!! Kepping up the good mood let's go for the reviews.
We Bought a Zoo - what can I say... simply adored it, the story is about a family that when searching for another house ends up buying a zoo, isn't that amazing, if I could and had the courage I would love buying a zoo. It has it's ups and downs, funny and romantic moments, I mean it's based on a real happening, so it has a bit of everything. And the best are the animals, just lovely. I recommend it to everybody.
Glee 3D: the Concert Movie - It's nice, for anyone who likes Glee, the only thing is that I thought it was too short and watching the extras it seems like they cut out a lot of great moments, so that disappointed me a bit.
The Help - this might not be for everyone, but it's still a good movie, it's about the time when things were divided by the colored and the white people, it's quite a contradiction. It isn't a heavy movie, but it isn't something joyful, it also has it's ups and downs. Recommend it to those who are interested in this topic.
Happy Feet 2 - It doesn't seem like this one was as famous as the first one, though I thought the were pretty much on the same level. There's Mambo, his son, krills, etc. It's fun, great songs, well, I liked it and recommend it to anyone, unless you didn't like he first one.
Iron Lady - the story of Margaret Thatcher... Mery Streep's acting was superb as usual, the movie was well done and though I knew it was quite a "harsh" topic, since it's about politics, which I'm not really a fan. It did disappoint me, I don't know, I think I got an idea from the trailer and then I watched it and the approach was quite different. Well, if you haven't watched it and want to, then go for it, if you like politics, one of the actors or anything of the sort, then go ahead and watch, other wise there's no need to bother.
Until another post, which I will be doing more frequently!

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